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  • The Power of Accountability: Why Being Part of an Accountability Community is Essential

    In our journey through life, we often encounter challenges, setbacks, and moments when we feel like giving up. It's during these times that having a support system becomes crucial. While friends and family play a significant role, being part of an accountability community takes support to a whole... View Post
  • I did something that I have never done before. I drank celery juice for seven days straight and I have to share my experience with you! There was that whole celery juice craze where everyone was talking about the benefits of drinking celery juice and the transformative ... View Post
  • Do Affirmations Work?  We got an email from Johnny, a #ThisIsMyEra 90-Day planner user asking if affirmations really work and how he could incorporate them in his life.  So our co-founder, Kuda Biza, decided to answer Johnny's question in the video below: ... View Post