Ultimate Goal Setting & Productivity Tool

Undated 90 Day Planner, Journal and SMART Goal Tracker with Master Goal List, Goal Worksheets and Weekly & Monthly review. 256 Pages. 100+ Inspirational Quotes.

The Spark...

The movement was sparked by the song: "#ThisIsMyEra" by Alexander Star (feat. Sekajipo). With help from people around the world just like you, the music video was a great success. As more people resonated with the song - we realized there was an opportunity to provide people with tools to make it their ERA!!!

Leverage The PROVEN S.M.A.R.T Goal System

Unlock your potential and make it your ERA by tracking both your long term and short term life and career goals. Our Goal Worksheets are designed to enable you set SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE,

Learn to Live an Intentional Life and Unlock Your Potential

What does it mean to live an intentional life? While the lifestyles of those who adopt this practice can appear quite different on the surface, underneath they are connected by the same motivation: to live a life that is aligned with their values and beliefs...

#ThisIsMyEra Planner

The Ultimate Tool In Your Quest In Making It Your ERA!

#ThisIsMyEra Planner

    Having your goals and dreams mapped out means you have a GPS to reach them on time!


    With your days neatly organized and your tasks prioritized, you'll find yourself becoming more productive than ever before.


    TIME is the most valuable resource anyone has. Using your time wisely allows you to maximum impact and make it your era!


    Wise quotes from some of the greatest 'era makers' in history will help you start each day with something epic to ponder and use to your advantage.

  • Monthly Review

    The monthly review allows you to manage your time and schedule while visualizing your tasks, events and appointments for the month. Keep an eye on the future by writing down your top 3 goals for the month. At the end of the month, reflect on the top 3 lessons learned.

    Contains - 3 Monthly Review Pages

  • Weekly Review

    How to start an amazing week: reflect on the previous week, then break down your current week's goals & priorities into tangible action steps. This allows you to see the big picture as well as the small tasks that must be accomplished in order to achieve your dreams.

    Contains - 13 Weekly Review Pages

  • Daily Review

    Attain ultimate productivity every day in the daily review section. Start each day with power by listing out your top goals and priorities for that day. The "My To-Do List" section ensures that your never forget anything as you go through your busy day. Reap the rewards of positive thinking by writing an encouraging self-affirmation statement. Stay on track with your daily schedule and take any notes that come up throughout the day. End the day by reflecting on your wins, accomplishments, lesson learned and key follow-ups.

    Contains - 90 Daily Review Pages

  • Notes

    Allow your mind the freedom to be creative and roam without boundaries. Capture your ideas, thoughts, visions and more in this section. 

    Contains 8 Notes Pages


Solid planner! Great quality! Awesome cause! Just got my new planner!! Love it!! Awesome quality, love the leather feel and the inside pages have really helpful guides to help keep organized. Not to mention the fact that by purchasing this notebook, a child in need gets one as well..... you can't beat that!

As an event planner, this little black book is everything I have been asking for! I am super detail orientated and have to focus on multiple projects at a time so I basically cannot survive a day without a planner in hand. 

As a college student, this planner is perfect for keeping my class schedule/life in order. I go to a school that has a big focus on activism and positive messages and being able to show off my support for this campaign while keeping up with my homework schedule is a win-win.

Loving my new planner! Daily inspiration and organization to help reach my goals! I recommend this for personal use and as a gift!

So glad I invested in this planner! This is an ideal planner for someone who wants to take control or their life and accomplish their goals. It’s very goal specific and allows you to keep in mind aspects of life like health and spirituality, which we often neglect. The quotes are an amazing touch and are quite inspirational. Overall I think it’s great! It’s like having a personal life coach in your bag.