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  • IGNORE The Limits Your Mind Creates! 5 Lessons From Jesse Itzler

    In this video Kuda Biza talks about the top 5 lessons he learned from Jesse Itzler. Make sure you watch the whole video and apply these golden nuggets into your life! Jesse Itzler is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the co-founder of Marquis Jet, which he sold to Berkshire Hathaway and... View Post
  • The Best Side Hustles You Can Do AT HOME In 2022

    In this video Kuda Biza talks about the very best side hustles you can do AT HOME in 2022!  With so much on our plates, starting a side hustle might seem like a huge time sink to add on top of everything else you’re already doing. This is why many people never start side hustles, it’s just too m... View Post
  • How To Go From Broke To MILLIONAIRE | Trash Man To Cash Man Book Review

    In this book review Kuda Biza covers “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man” by Myron Golden Myron Golden is a business & marketing consultant, public speaker, best selling author and coach. He is best known for his ability to take anyone from broke to wealthy by turning their passions into the... View Post