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  • Do Affirmations Work?  We got an email from Johnny, a #ThisIsMyEra 90-Day planner user asking if affirmations really work and how he could incorporate them in his life.  So our co-founder, Kuda Biza, decided to answer Johnny's question in the video below: ... View Post
  • Growth Only Comes Out of Your Comfort Zone - Kuda Biza at TEDxYouth@Berwyn

    Like it or not, we all have comfort zones—those safe spaces where your behaviors fit a pattern that minimizes stress and risk. Comfort zones provide a sense of familiarity, mental security and certainty. It’s that happy place where the brain releases feel-good chemicals: dopamine and seroton... View Post
  • The key to getting rid of procrastination is two-fold: it’s necessary to change your way of thinking and to focus on your goals. While planning your time is necessary to get your work done, a 2015 study by Stockholm University found that time management is often not the trigger for procrastinatio... View Post