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  • How To Find Your Life’s Purpose In 4 STEPS

    In this video Kuda Biza talks about how to find your life’s purpose in 4 easy steps. Not knowing your purpose is a one way road to never getting anywhere with your life. If you don’t know WHY you were put on this earth, then you’ll have no idea what to do, what goals to set, and what to focus on.... View Post
  • How To Make 7 Figures With COPYWRITING | Kenneth Yu Interview

    In this interview Kuda Biza talks to Kenneth Yu, a master copywriter who now teaches others how to secure their financial freedom with the power of copywriting. Ever wondered how to become a copywriter? Then this interview is for you. The quickest way to get from point A to point B is by having... View Post
  • How Jasmin Manke Made The Forbes List At Only 27 Years Old | Jasmin Manke Interview

    In this interview Kuda Biza interviews Jasmin Manke, who made the Forbes 30 under 30 list at only 27 years old! Jasmin Manke is a female entrepreneur and success coach who helps women all over the world achieve their goals and build the businesses of their dreams. After being bullied as a teenage... View Post