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How Jaclyn DiGregorio Creates UNSTOPPABLE Confidence | Jaclyn DiGregorio Interview

In this video, Kuda Biza interviews Jaclyn DiGregorio, a motivational speaker, life coach and best-selling author.

Confidence is one of the cornerstones to success.

If you don’t have confidence, you won’t take the action necessary to reach your goals and dreams.

Confidence is not only useful, but an absolute necessity.

But how does one go about building confidence?

In this interview, Jaclyn DiGregorio and Kuda Biza go through the practical steps of building confidence and self esteem.



Jaclyn DiGregorio is a motivational speaker, life coach and best-selling author. Jaclyn’s biggest passion is helping women create incredible lives that they’re excited about. Jaclyn started her business at only 21 years old in her dorm room at Georgetown University. Today, Jaclyn spends her time coaching women, and speaking at corporations, universities and conferences. She’s been featured by Forbes, Elite Daily, Bustle and Washington Business Journal. Jaclyn has also released 2 books.




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Kuda is a serial entrepreneur focused on making a change in the world through being a force for good and creating social change. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kuda learned very quickly what going to bed on an empty stomach felt like. Seeing the poverty, hunger and lack of education in his home country is what later in life pushed Kuda to become a social entrepreneur, creating businesses like Nunbelievable and ThisIsMyEra to help end these very issues. Kuda now spends his time building businesses, creating social change and helping inspire others to chase their own dreams and make positive change in the world.



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