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How To Master Every Area Of Your Life Using The Wheel Of Life

In this video Kuda Biza shares how to master and balance every area of your life using the Wheel Of Life.

What’s the key to a happy and fulfilled life? One word: Balance. But with so much to think about, where do you even get started? How do you assess if your life is in balance and where you need to focus more of your attention in the first place? What about work-life balance? This is where the Wheel of Life comes in. The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool that can help you visualize which areas of your life are lacking and what you should tackle first.


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Once you’ve taken the assessment, take a good hard look at where balance is missing in your life. To find happiness and fulfillment, you have to be proactive and take action towards filling up the areas of your life that are below a 5 on the wheel. Watch the whole video and learn Kuda Biza’s insight on balance and how to master every area of your life!




🌎 Take The Wheel Of Life Assessment ► https://thisismyera.com/pages/wheel-of-life

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Kuda is a serial entrepreneur focused on making a change in the world through being a force for good and creating social change. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kuda learned very quickly what going to bed on an empty stomach felt like. Seeing the poverty, hunger and lack of education in his home country is what later in life pushed Kuda to become a social entrepreneur, creating businesses like Nunbelievable and ThisIsMyEra to help end these very issues. Kuda now spends his time building businesses, creating social change and helping inspire others to chase their own dreams and make positive change in the world.

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