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How Scaling My Purpose Scales My Career – feat. Alexander Star

Hosted by Kuda Biza Co-Host Alexander Star


Host Kuda Biza gets up close and personal with Singer/Songwriter Alexander Star:
“I don’t feel that just because I’m in the music industry I should have to shield my life from my son. I make music that he can listen to. My songs are some of his favorite songs. He can sing them back, and I would not be ashamed that my son is singing my records, because I write them in a way that my son can sing them.”
Star talks more about how being a father makes him aware of his duty to be a Role model, and how he intentionally writes his music to serve all audiences.
Although Star is constantly in a realm of uncertainty and hustle, Star gives testimony about how having faith in his music and himself, has allowed him to be showered with immeasurable rewards.
The streets of South Florida and good vibes were all he needed to showcase his talent. No
stages, no mainstream radio plays, just “sidewalk-shows”. Having a different sound, uplifting messages, and overall a different hustle, Star drops a numerical figure that you wouldn’t believe from selling 9,000 CD's on the streets.
Power is in the music. To hear more about Star’s journey and have a better understanding of why this is Alexander Star’s Era!