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The 5 Key Principles Of Productivity

In this video Kuda Biza shares the 5 key principles of productivity for anyone looking to level up how much they get done in a day.

There are all kinds of different productivity techniques, habits and tricks you can use to increase your output and get more done in the day.

But as with all things, you really want to focus on the key fundamentals of what’s really going to move the needle.

These 5 key principles of productivity are the fundamentals of what you really need to focus on to up your productivity game.

If you master these productivity principles, your productivity and success will skyrocket. Don’t worry about the nitty gritty little details and tactics at first, instead, focus on the big picture of what really drives results.

Watch the whole video to learn what the 5 key principles of productivity are and how to apply them to your life now!




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Kuda is a serial entrepreneur focused on making a change in the world through being a force for good and creating social change. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kuda learned very quickly what going to bed on an empty stomach felt like. Seeing the poverty, hunger and lack of education in his home country is what later in life pushed Kuda to become a social entrepreneur, creating businesses like Nunbelievable and ThisIsMyEra to help end these very issues. Kuda now spends his time building businesses, creating social change and helping inspire others to chase their own dreams and make positive change in the world.

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