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How This Entrepreneur Turned A Tragedy Into A Thriving Business | The Native Brand Interview

In this interview Kuda Biza talks to Jay Banks, the founder of The Native Brand, a clothing store located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Let’s be honest, life is hard. We’ve all faced our own share of setbacks, struggles and problems. And knowing how to overcome the struggles in your life is easier said than done.

This is just a fact of life, all of us go through this.

However, what separates a winner from a loser, is what you DO with those struggles, obstacles and setbacks.

Today Kuda Biza talks to Jay Banks, a man who turned tragedy into thriving business.

After being robbed, losing an eye and an ear and going to an extremely dark place while stuck at home, Jay decided to channel all of his energy into building his business.

Watch this whole interview to learn Jay’s story, and how you yourself can overcome the struggles and problems in your life.




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