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5 Tips To Stay Productive While Traveling

Now that things are starting to get to normal (or should we say pre-pandemic life) - more people are starting to travel. As a matter of fact, close to 48 million Americans were forecasted to travel for the 4th of July weekend

With travel starting to pick up again to pre-pandemic levels, we thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to stay productive while traveling. And who better than our “in-house travel expert”, Kuda Biza to share these tips - while he was on the road of course. 


So, number one tip, in order for you to stay productive. You want to plan ahead. Do your best to have a game plan before you start traveling on how you will use your travel time. For example, you can plan to read while you’re on the plane or listen to an audiobook if you’re driving. When you just travel without planning ahead, you tend to use the time unproductively. 


Be sure to plan for unexpected delays as these can easily throw your day off. So remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. So take some time to plan how you will use your travel time in a productive way.

Tip 2: Maintain A Healthy Routine

One of the biggest challenges while traveling is staying on track with your health routines. When you’re on the road - it’s easy to just take a break from working out or eating right.


But try your best to stay on track - even if it means that you have to use the hotel room or the airport lounge as your gym. The internet is filled with hotel room workouts that you can do like this 20-minute hotel room workout - to make sure you stay in shape and don’t fall off the rails.


Also, watch what you eat while traveling. It’s easy to get tempted to indulge while on the road and this can be okay for a dinner or two but can certainly set you back if done for extended periods of time. Personally, I recommend staying away from caffeine and alcohol while traveling. 


Tip 3: Sleep

Traveling can easily disrupt your sleep pattern, especially if you’re traveling across different time zones. When you’re on the road you tend to have unpredictable schedules and this lack of consistency can easily contribute to poor sleep and makes it even harder to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep.


So try as much as possible to get sufficient sleep while traveling to make sure that your body is well rested. Find a routine that works for you and if you’re looking for some useful tips from an expert - this article from Hopkins Medicine provides more useful tips on how to get better sleep while traveling.


Tip 4: Allow Yourself to Have Some Downtime

Traveling can be draining. You can easily find yourself with nothing left in the tank because you’re always on the go. So try to find some downtime to re-energize. It can be as simple as spending the afternoon at the pool. Booking a spa appointment. 


You will find that when you take time to intentionally slow things down - you will be able to attack the day with more energy and alertness, resulting in increased productivity.


Tip 5: Delegate

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean work has to stop and wait until you come back. That is why we recommend that you delegate tasks to someone on your team. This way - things will continue to get done while you’re on the road. 


In Closing

So if you’re planning to get on the road soon - please try to apply some of the tips we shared so that you can stay productive while enjoying the beautiful sights and creating amazing memories.


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